Racist Disruption to Rising 9th Grade Zoom Parent Meeting

Dear Drew Community,

This afternoon, Drew’s Senior Academy held a virtual Rising 9th Grade Parent meeting on our Zoom platform. Unfortunately, during this meeting there were several racial outbursts, including use of the “N” word, from unidentified participants, which disrupted the meeting and required us to abruptly end it. Drew is working with our technology team to determine the identities of the perpetrators in the meeting.   We are sharing this information with you as it impacts our entire Drew community. Drew administrators and staff are totally devastated by what occurred during this meeting.   This is the third time in two weeks that I have had to write to you about racism and its impact on our immediate community and the larger world.  As I have said before, Drew Charter School will not tolerate racism of any kind, and we will continue to weed it out as it presents itself.  As infuriating and disheartening as this is, nothing will shake our unwavering commitment to and affirmation of Drew’s black students, staff, and families.  


Peter McKnight
Drew Head of School

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