Drew Procedures & FAQs

— Due to COVID —

ONLY students and staff members will permitted inside the building

This precaution is valid before,during,and after school and inclusive of weekends

Please see additional information regarding the following concerns: – All general information can be found below

  • Parent Conferences
    • Any concerns around instructions or meetings during Parent Conferences should be directed to the respective counselor for your student. If you send an email, the school strongly encourages the use of “Parent Conference Concern” in the subject line.
    • Grade Level Counselor
      • [9th and 11th] – Tara Davis
      • [10th and 12th] – Rob Richardson
  • General Information
    • Grade Level Representative for Cohort / Class
      • 09th: Dr. Morgan
      • 10th: Ms. Simmons
      • 11th: Ms. Allen [11th Grade Math Teacher]
      • 12th: Ms. Hecht and Ms. Isbell
        • Senior Activities- Reach out to Ms. Isbell
        • Senior Pictures- LifeTouch : DREW will not have specific information regarding pictures.
          • Please call SCORE at 770-516-5880 for any questions or concerns regarding Senior Pictures or General School Pictures.
        • Graduation Details: COMING SOON
    • DUES FOR ALL GRADE LEVELS- Please direct concerns for paying dues to the respective grade level representative listed above.
    • Prom
      • Ms. Allen

Issues with grades, attendance records [tardies/incorrect absences], or teaching methods should be directed to the teacher first and counselors second for additional support, if needed.

This process should be followed to avoid delays in reaching a solution
    • Updating Attendance [Excused Absences]
      • Please note official documentation must be submitted to the school secretary [Ms. Edwards] in order to update the attendance for the student.
        • Location of school secretary: Inside the main office across from the school receptionist [Ms. Crooks]
    • Transportation Change
      • When a change in regards to transportation is needed, the guardian on file should make contact with the school via email listing the appointed person to pickup the student and the guardians contact information.
    • Relaying Messages to Students During Instructional Time
      • You may leave a message with the front desk for your student to receive on their way to lunch. If you wish to verbally relay the message the student can return the call during their lunch time.

The school appreciates the respect given to protecting instructional time during the school day. By limiting the number of disruptions from all-calls or speaker announcements.

Your assistance reinforces the commitment to serve our students.

Payment Methods for Drew

Please note lunch balances must be paid through MySchool Bucks. This portal is supervised by the APS Nutrition Department.

For events/activities hosted through DREW you must use MyPayments Plus.
– Some examples include paying dues, locker fees, library fines,and/or any charges associated to damaged Drew Property.

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Payment Methods for Lunch

Please note lunch balances must be paid through MySchool Bucks. This portal is supervised by the APS Nutrition Department.

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