Week of October 17th, 2016


  • To Dr. Tameka Allen for successfully defending her dissertation last Friday!  Congratulations!
  • To Ms. Desprez for her upcoming nuptials this weekend!  
  • To Mr. Canney & Mr. Baker for their continued innovation & collaboration.
  • To everyone who worked so hard to make the PBL Showcase a success!
  • To Ms. Harris for facilitating a wonderful Dance BeCause Performance!
  • To everyone who is working to make National Honor Society a success at Drew
  • To Ms. Davis for her work and leadership with the Governors Honors Program
  • To Ms. Desprez and Ms. Deiters for volunteering after-school to help anxious seniors with college essay writing and act/sat help!
  • To Ms. Foster and Ms. Stinson for their work with Early College programming and helping support


Senior Week

October 17

B Day

  • Senior Week: Dress like a senior citizen
  • Flex Time: Clubs

October 18

A Day

  • 8:05-9:05 – 10th Grade Team Meeting
  • Flex Time: Extended Learning
  • 4:30-5:30 – SA Principal’s Coffee: Organic World Language Method [Eva Davis Board Room]
    • Come see and experience the innovative and engaging methods we are using in our Spanish classes.

October 19

B Day

  • Senior Week: Dress like your future profession 
  • 8:00-11:00 – 10th & 11th Grade PSAT Administration
  • Extended Learning: Advisory 
  • 6:00 – Junior College Planning Night

October 20

A Day

  • 8:00-11:00 – 8/9th Grade PSAT Administration
  • Flex Time:
    • Extended Learning
    • 10th Grade- Community Forum

October 21

B Day

  • Senior Week: Pajama Day
  • 9:30-11:00 – Senior Breakfast [Cafeteria]
  • Flex Time: Free Friday

Upcoming Events:

  • Saturday, 10/15, 6:00 pm – Dance be-CAUSE Concert
  • Tuesday, 10/25, Flex Time – Eleventh Grade Community Forum
  • Wednesday, 10/26 – Make-up Yearbook Photos [Students must have their blazer to have their picture taken.]
  • Thursday, 10/27, 5:00-7:00 pm – SOARING Visual Arts Exhibition
  • Friday, 10/28 – STEAM Career Day and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Career Workshops
  • 10/28-10/29 – District V Honor Chorus
  • Tuesday, 11/1 – Grades posted to Progress (Mid-Quarter Progress Report)
  • Friday, 11/4 – Half-Day for Parent Conferences
  • 11/14-11/19 – Homecoming Week
  • Friday, 11/18
    • 8:00-12:00 – Pre-ACT All Juniors
    • 5:30/7:00pm – Homecoming: Girls’ and Boys’ Varsity Homecoming Basketball Game
  • Saturday, 11/19 –  Homecoming Dance
  • Saturday, May 20th – Graduation 


  • Parent Conference Sign-Up – November 4th Conferences (1pm-6pm) are quickly approaching and the sign-up is now open for parents to reserve a time.  In an effort to empower students and provide them more ownership over their education the Senior Academy is transitioning to student-led conferences.  Traditional one-on-one conferences are still available for parents to meet with teachers (the last 15 minutes of each hour).  We will be working with students prior to conferences to ensure that they are prepared to discuss their progress.  Please bring your student with you to conferences!  Conference slots are every 15 minutes with parents, students, and all grade-level teachers.  The last 15 minutes of each hour is reserved for individualized one-on-one conferences with specific teachers.  Parents may sign-up for grade-level meetings, private meetings, or both.
    • Directions: Sign up for one 15 minute grade level conference.  If you wish to meet with a teacher from a different grade-level then sign-up for a one-on-one private conference.
    • Sign-up Link
  • Student Parking – We are glad to see a number of Junior and Senior students have decided to take the liberty of driving to school. While some students have registered for and paid for parking, we understand that some have not done so. Before implementing consequences for these students, we want to be sure that there is an additional opportunity for students to purchase parking passes. Per the policy:
    • All students who drive and park on campus are required to apply for and receive a parking permit prior to driving to school (and immediately following any vehicle changes). Any lost or damaged hangtag will require a student to purchase another hangtag at regular price.
    • Any student operating a motor vehicle in the school area must have a valid driver’s license, tag receipt, and insurance card.
    • Click here for the link to the full parking policy.
    • In accordance with this policy, the following consequences are in place for students that are in violation:
      1. Warning
      2. Phone call and detention
      3. Fine $10.00
      4. Fine $25.00
      5. Loss of privilege
      6. Any subsequent offense after loss of privilege may result in tow, boot, or additional fines.
    • All students parking on campus should have filled out an application (attached to this message) and paid for parking by now. Any student that has not done so upon returning from Fall Break, Oct. 12th, will receive a warning and subsequent appropriate action on the following days if still in violation. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact the Senior Academy Dean of Students, Mr. Kendrick Myers at kendrick.myers@drewcharterschool.org
  • PAGE STAR Student Program – “PAGE is honored to recognize Georgia’s highest-achieving high school seniors and the teachers most instrumental in their academic development through the PAGE STAR Program. As many of you are aware, the College Board has restructured the SAT tests, resulting in changes for STAR 2017. Counselors will receive this year’s STAR mailing in late September with information reflecting the changes for STAR 2017. The STAR 2017 nomination website will be available beginning on October 17, 2016, to receive counselor’s nominations for STAR Student and STAR Teacher. Basic information and changes for STAR 2017 include:
    • Student & Teacher Online STAR Nomination Deadline: Friday, December 15, 2016
    • SAT concorded mean scores to be met for 2017 are: Evidence Based Reading & Writing 530, and Math 530.
    • Old SAT/New SAT: Specific instructions for converting “old” three-part SAT scores to “new” two-part SAT scores must be followed using specified concordance tables.
    • This year NO TIES at high school (local) level will be allowed.”
  • Yearbook Information for Seniors – Interested in submitting baby pictures or purchasing ads in the yearbook?  Please find more information here.
  • PBL Parent Survey –  Parents, we need you!  Part of the Project-Based Learning process involves public partnerships with experts and members of the community.  That means YOU!  Parents can be invaluable project partners, whether by speaking to students, helping teachers make community connections, volunteering to share your knowledge, or giving teachers and students feedback during the learning process.  If you’d be willing to share your expertise as a public partner, please fill out the brief survey below to tell us how you can help.  We’d love to know if you can share expertise from your profession, hobbies, interests, travel experiences, community service, or any other expertise you can share with our students.  If we find possible connections, either the PBL Director, STEAM Coordinator, or Director of Strategic Partnerships will contact you to help connect you with a relevant project.  You won’t be obligated to participate in any project, but we’ll just share the opportunity with you.  Hopefully we can find a match between your experience and availability, and projects happening within the school.  Please follow the link below to participate! https://goo.gl/forms/epvWIxQOBqQSBk3g2
  • Reminder: Dues – Below is information for student dues.  These funds help pay for programs like Midnight Madness, Prom and Senior Week that we cannot pay for out of school funds.
    • Freshman
      • $30
      • Due (cash or money order) September 16th to Ms. Deiters in room A202
      • There is a $5 late fee after September 16th
      • Includes: Freshman T-Shirt, SGA Day of Play, Midnight Madness and other ninth grade activities
    • Sophomore
    • Junior
    • Senior
      • $225
      • Include cap and gowns, diploma cover, Visions of the Future (including awards and decorations), senior breakfast, senior picnic, senior lunch jam, senior Sunday bar, senior t-shirt, class picture, and other activities.
  • Reminder: PTA Membership – Please take a moment to join the Drew PTA.  Dues are $10 and they work tirelessly to provide a wide variety of programming to support our students and staff. You can join online via this link.

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