Early College Next Steps – Monday, April 25th 6:00 pm

The College and Career Readiness Team will host Early College Next Steps at Drew Charter School on Monday, April 25, 2016. The event will be held in the Senior Academy (Yates campus) cafeteria from 6-7 pm. Early College Next Steps is mandatory for all junior students and families. The following topics will be covered:
  •  Discuss benefits of Early College Program
  •  Review senior year schedule and understand     Early College course offerings
  • Learn about Early College qualifications and compass test scores
  •  Explore Early College campus options
  •  Summer program requirement for Georgia State University downtown campus
If you are unable to attend, please contact, Ms. Ashley Young at ashley.young@drewcharterschool.org or at 470-355-1200 ext. 1005 in order to receive the information missed.

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