Weeks of December 11th and 18th, 2017

Purpose – Drew Charter School serves as a key component of the cradle-to-college pipeline within the holistic East Lake neighborhood revitalization. Appreciating our unique status as a mixed-income school, Drew Charter School’s primary purpose is to provide an excellent education to all children living in the Villages of East Lake so that each student reaches his or her full potential and is launched on a pathway to health, impact and prosperity.

Vision – Drew Charter School students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and passion to create positive change in the world.

Mission – Drew Charter School is an exemplary, innovative education community that empowers all students to achieve their full potential.

Senior Academy Priorities for the Year

  1. A school where character and school culture are developed through positive relationships with students, parents, staff and the community.
  2. A school where we facilitate high quality STEAM/PBL learning, and everyone understands how these principles and practices prepare students for postsecondary success.
  3. A school that supports all students’ intellectual, social, and emotional growth and understands how these elements impact learning and development.

Shout-outs to:

  • Naomi Ray (pictured above), who was accepted to Stanford, one of the most competitive colleges and universities in the country!
  • The students listed below, who will be moving on to the APS District Science and Engineering Fair and to Ms. Woods for her outstanding work with them!
Analisia Anderson/Asher McGee Facial Recognition (Race)
Cydney Taylor/Chole Canada Human Anatomy
Jaiquez Denny/Marcus Foster Psychology
Joshua Smith/Jaydin Beasley Memory Chewing Gum with Music Experiment
Josiah Mccord Nail Type vs. Strength
Mauro Espericueta Effect of Color on Food Choice
Nazjaa Hughson/Rashan Schoffner Gender Differences in Visual Perception
Niara Botchwey Non-Plasmin Mediated Fibrinolysis
Shayla Victrum/Landon Bennett Cellphone Glass and Plastic Durability Test
Solomon Dobbs/James Simmons The Effects of Social Media in Attitude Traits
  • Ms. S. Williams for her work helping coordinate the JA/SA Science and Engineering Fair!
  • Mr. Boonyapat and Ms. Bryant for their dedication throughout the process from coordinating, facilitating, and support to staff and students for the JA/SA Science and Engineering Fair!
  • Mr. Sessoms for an awesome EA, JA and SA chorus concert Tuesday night (it was the best chorus concert I have ever attended at Drew)!
  • Ms. Hairston and Ms. O’Roark for their harp concert Thursday night!
  • Ms. Weaver and Mr. Myers and all staff who pitched in to help when we had to dismiss early on Friday!
  • Ms. Schaffer and Dr. Allen for arranging the ACC Street Law presentation to the Freshmen!
  • The CCR team for their tireless work with helping our seniors with scholarships and college applications!
Dezmond Jack 12/14 SCHAFFER
Alani Andrews 12/15 JACKSON


Week (21): (12/11 – 12/16)

12/11 | Monday | “B” Day

  • GSU Early College Final Exams
  • Flex Time – B-Week Clubs
  • 6:00 – Prospective Parent Night for Rising 9th Graders [Rooms A216-217]
  • 6:00 – Eagle Nation Booster Club Meeting [Cafeteria ]
12/12 | Tuesday | “A” Day

  • GSU Early College Final Exams
  • 8:00-11:00 – Economics Milestone Administration [Selected Seniors]
  • Flex Time – Extended Learning
    • 10th Grade Community Forum
12/13 | Wednesday | “B” Day

  • Flex Time – Advisory
  • 3:00 – Teaching and Learning Committee Meeting [Eva Davis Board Room]
  • 5:30 – JV Basketball vs. BEST [Home]
12/14 | Thursday |  “A” Day

  • Flex Time – Extended Learning
  • 6:30 – JA/SA Orchestra and Dance Winter Concert [Theater]
  • 4:00-5:30- Beta Club Meeting [Cafeteria]
12/15 | Friday | “B” Day

  • Flex Time – One-Act Play Performance [Students report directly to the Theater and sit by advisory]
  • 6:00 – Varsity Basketball Game vs. WD Mohammed [Home]
12/16 | Saturday

  • 10:00 – JV Basketball Game @ Banneker [Boys only]
  • Howard Admissions Event
12/18 | Monday | “A” Day

  • Flex Time – A-Week Clubs
12/19 | Tuesday | “B” Day

  • B-Day Midterm Exams (If applicable)
  • 6:00 – Varsity Boys Basketball @ Hapeville Charter
  • 6:30 – JA/SA Band Concert [Theater]
  • 7:30 – Varsity Girls Basketball @ Banneker
12/20 | Wednesday | “A” Day

  • Last day of Semester 1
  • A-Day Midterm Exams (If applicable)
  • 5:00 – Drew Legacy Class Alumni Event [Former 12th Grade PBL lab, now current 11th Grade PBL lab]
  • 5:30 – JV Boys Basketball vs. Tri-Cities [Home]

Upcoming Events:

  • 12/28-12/30 – SA Boys Basketball @ Woodland Christmas Tournament
  • 1/4 and 1/5 – Planning and Professional Learning Days
  • Week of 1/8-1/14
    • 1/8 – First day of Semester 2
    • 1/11 – I’m Not Racist…Am I? Screening [Maynard Jackson] – I’m Not Racist…Am I? is a feature documentary following a diverse group of teens through a yearlong exploration to get at the heart of racism. Through some tense and painful moments, we see how these difficult conversations affect their relationships with friends and parents, and ultimately challenge them to look deep within themselves. By the end of their time together, we’ll see these remarkable young people develop deeper bonds, a stronger resolve and a bigger, more significant definition of racism than any of us ever imagined. For more about the film, visit NotRacistMovie.com.  The URL for getting tickets is here.


  • 1/18 – PTA SA Parent Gathering
  • 1/22, 6:00 pm – EagleNation Booster Club Meeting [Cafeteria]
  • Saturday, 2/3, 10:00-1:00 – PTA’s 4th Annual Summer Expo for Programs serving ALL ages, in ALL areas of interest, in ALL price ranges [ Upper Campus Cafeteria]
  • 5/19, 4:00 pm – Class of 2018 Graduation Ceremony [Main Gym]
  • June 4-15th – Summer Bridge Program for rising ninth grade students [Georgia Tech] 


  • Reminder: Title I Parent Compacts – Each year, as part of the Title I process, we revise and circulate compacts that outline the agreements between families, students, staff and the school.  It is important that all families review these compacts, sign and return them.  Hard copies were distributed to students, but I have also linked an electronic copy here.  Students should return these to their advisory teacher.
  • Early College Schedule Please see the layout for seniors participating in Early College and Dual Enrollment.
    • End of semester schedule for GSU Clarkston and Atlanta Technical College students
      • December 14 & December 19: Students must leave Drew after 1st period. Please arrange for your transportation. If you need to work with a teacher/counselor/coach, you must submit written permission from that teacher/counselor/coach indicating the times they will be working with you.
    • End of semester schedule for GSU Downtown students
      • December 14 & December 19: Students must leave Drew after 1st period. Please arrange for your transportation. If you need to work with a teacher/counselor/coach, you must submit written permission from that teacher/counselor/coach indicating the times they will be working with you.
  • Remind Account for Rising Ninth Grade (Class of 2022) – Parents/guardians of rising ninth grade students can now sign up for a Remind Account for the Class of 2022.  Click here for instructions.
  • Reminder: Gifted Program Parent Referral – Any parent within Atlanta Public Schools may refer his/her child for gifted and talented testing. Parents you must complete the Gifted Referral and Parental Permission Form and submit to the eligibility team for review. The referral window is December 4-15.  Students of parents who make requests after this date will not be tested during the current school year.  To submit this form and/or if you have any questions or concerns please contact our Gifted Team Lead, LaTrice Woods, at latrice.woods@drewcharterschool.org.
  • Reminder: PTA Parent Gatherings – On November 16th we hosted our fourth PTA Senior Academy Parent Gathering.  Thank you to Mr. Marshall Findlay from Applerouth for presenting (a copy of his presentation is linked here and a video recording of the presentation is available here)  These gatherings will occur every third Thursday of the month, alternating between 8:15 am and 5:00 pm.  There will not be a Parent Gathering in December.  The next Parent Gathering will be held at 5:00 pm on Thursday, January 18th in the Eva Davis Board Room.  Click Here to Become a PTA Member


24a42f69-9fa5-4f23-9cbf-67a97bdd1707.jpg17-18 Drew_Charter_Yearbook_flier117-18 Yearbook_Senior_Class_of_2018_Flyer_8.24.171Summer Expo 2018d047537e-9e76-4a84-a90a-f6233c7aaf34.jpg

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