Week of October 19th,2020


  • Shout out to Ms. Wilder and the Volleyball team for a great season!
  • To Azha Mosley and Kashawn Myers for moving to the second round of the AUDL Argumentative Speech Bowl.  They will be competing for a slot in the state finals, which will take place in December.  Wish them luck!
  • To JA/SA Art Instructor Dr. Lisa Whittington having 2 pieces of artwork selected to help kick-off the Nationwide Campaign: “ Vote In Their Honor”!
  • To Calliope D., Kate D., Morgan W., Sage H-C, Emery J.,  Ameer N., Aiswariya B., Gabby D., Amishai G., Xander G., Kayla H-S., Erin H., Lina M., Anetra R., Kendrick M., Gabbriella M., Mance I., Vaqeuriayah F.,  Ariel G., Chloe W., Akasha D., Nikolai G., Simon R., and Imari R. for working ahead in Ms. Klein’s class!
  • To Ameer Nuridin for always having a positive attitude in GeoTech and always showing up and showing out!
  • To Calliope DeChant for asking the MOST and best questions in APHG!
  • To Jordyn Dixon for being a leader and responsible student in APHG!
  • To Imari Ricks for making Mr. Bennett and Kitchen laugh with her honesty!
  • To Najm Muhammad for always being a diligent worker!
  • To APUSH students for tackling the challenge of the Harvard Case Study Method!
  • To all teachers for connecting with families during Parent Conferences!
  • To Janiyah Smith for getting A LOT of work done in small groups!
  • To Jillian Loux for being the first one to turn in her Epic Elements animation and doing an amazing job!
  • To Dakota Jones and Oriental Collins for going the extra mile working together outside of class!



Click here for more resources regarding Nutrition

This application is needed for all families.

Deadline is October 30th

  • To apply for free or reduced nutrition status click here 
  • Regardless of whether your family may qualify or if you are not interested in free or reduced-price meals, please complete the Federal Eligibility Application any way to assist Drew in maintaining the Title I status and which qualifies the student body for other federal grants and resources. Your support is appreciated!
    • Click here to support Drew!
    • Note:  If you select the option “I do not wish to apply for free or reduced-priced meal benefits” on the FEA, your completion process will be brief and should only take approximately five minutes.
  • You will need to provide the following information on the application:
    • The school, grade, birthdate of every Atlanta Public Schools student in your household
    • The names and incomes of every member of your household*
    • Last 4 digits of your (parent/guardian) Social Security number* and electronic signature
    • An email address or phone number for district communication about the status of the application (optional)
  • *Note: If you select the option “I do not wish to apply for free or reduced-priced meal benefits”, you will not be asked for income information or for the last four digits of your social security number. However, you will be asked for the student’s information so that the school has a record of the application submission.

E-Learning Notices

Senior Academy Virtual Learning Guide

Thank you everyone for your participation and engagement in our grade level nights and parent conferences over the past two weeks.

As we continue in a full virtual model, we are committed to reducing learning loss which hinges on having adequate instructional time and significant teacher-student interaction in both synchronous and asynchronous virtual formats. Given a confirmed additional 9 weeks of virtual instruction, we are determined to mitigate the learning loss that comes with extended time away from face-to-face instruction with further instructional time effective October 26. These changes will be essential to improving our current pacing concerns given what we have learned during the first 9 weeks of school in terms of time needed for teachers to teach the standards virtually and students to master the standards virtually at the appropriate depth of knowledge. Therefore, effective October 26, the Senior Academy schedule will be as follows:

TimeMon/Thurs. (A Day) ; Tues/Fri. (B Day)
8:30 – 9:401st Period
9:50 – 11:002nd Period
11:05 – 11:35Lunch
11:40 – 12:50Break and/or Small Groups (for select students)
1:00 – 2:103rd Period
2:20 – 3:304th Period

In order to further prepare for virtual instruction, we will hold a contactless drive-through pick-up of 2nd quarter instructional materials on Thursday, October 29 and Friday, October 30. In addition, Wednesdays will incorporate a half day instructional schedule. This will be an alternating A/B Wednesday for 6-12.  We will discuss this and more in detail at our next Principal’s Coffee. Please reach out if there are any further questions or concerns

 Guidelines Prior to 10/26

To review the outline of the student schedule while virtually learning click here.

Important Attendance Update

Zoom Best Practices

The safety and well being of our students and staff is a top priority. As we navigate the virtual learning space, we are finding more ways to make sure students have access to quality instruction with little to no interruption. 

In order to ensure the security of our class sessions and meetings, teachers will implement the Zoom Best Practices below.  

  • Waiting Room implemented for all meetings 
    • Students who are not on teacher’s rosters will not be admitted into the session.
    • Students’ display names should be first and last names
  • Participants will not be permitted to rename themselves
  • All classes/meetings will be recorded
    • Record active speaker with shared screen
    • settings → recordings
  • Students need to be authenticated users to join classes and meetings

Student Guidelines

  • Students follow their regular schedule
  • 9th-11th Grades
    • Monday/Thursday (A Day) Tuesday/Friday (B Day)
  • 12th Grade
    • All seniors
      • 1st period will follow the A/B day rotation above
      • 2nd-4th period MWF classes will occur on Mon and Fri. 
    • Tuesday and Thursday Schedule
      • Early College Students v
        • Attend Early College courses 2nd – 4th periods 
      • Non-Early College students
        • Follow Drew schedule 2nd – 4th periods

For more details on virtual instruction please click the link below:

Senior Academy Virtual Parent Guide

Google Classroom Training for Families

The links below will show you various settings and information for navigating Google Classroom

Video: Parent Orientation Presentation- click here 
Slides from Video- Parent Orientation to Google Classroom Presentation- click here

Guardian Announcements

Parent Satisfaction Survey – Please take a moment to give Drew feedback.

Parent Conferences

Hello Drew Families! 

On Wednesday, October 14th 2020 Drew teachers met with
identified students and families as part of our Parent Conference Day.  As
an addition to these conferences, teachers at each grade level have compiled a few general notes for you in regards to updates related to their classes.

 The link holds the updates for each grade level and it is organized by grade level, 9th-12th.  General Grade Level Class Updates

Please feel free to reach out to your grade level counselor should you have general questions about your student and/or need to connect for support.

  • Rob Richardson (9th & 11th, rob.richardson@drewcharterschool.org)
  • Tara Davis (10th & 12th, tara.davis@drewcharterschool.org)


In an effort to give all parents an opportunity to engage in the Virtual Parent University, we are re-evaluating the time of the sessions. Once the new times have been established, we will communicate the date and time.

The Parent C.A.F.E. above is hosted by APS for Guardians of students with disabilities

— Click Here to See Full Schedule —

If you missed the information from the last Principal’s Coffee please see the slideshow below:

Typically, high school is the time when young Eagles are maturing and are prepared to fly on their own. Encourage this independent practice. They will still need the watchful eye to guide them in their development and learning. Please do so during breaks and refrain from interrupting live instruction for the benefit of the students and teachers. The slideshow will include some additional ways you can support your learner in the virtual environment.

  • – Slideshow Presentation Here

The meeting will be this


Clubs and Advisory will resume the original time on Wednesday’s [@10am]

Uniform Needs

Senior Academy Virtual Learning Guide

 This year Drew will use the virtual instructional model to begin the 2020-21 school year during the first quarter of school. It will also serve as the instructional model should school need to close for extended periods of time once the school reopens for face-to-face instruction.

To review the outline of the student schedule while virtually learning click here.

Google Classroom Training for Families

Video: Parent Orientation Presentation- click here 
Slides from Video- Parent Orientation to Google Classroom Presentation- click here

General Activity Updates

The Media Services Eagle’s Nest

hOSTED ON Smore, Click the Link above

Intent to Play [In Relation to All Sports]

I recognize that this is a difficult time for parents and students. The level of uncertainty is troubling and at times can feel overwhelming. I encourage you to contact our counselors if you or your student need support.

You can also receive support via a free, confidential Crisis Text Line, with trained Crisis Counselors, by texting SHARE to 741741. (This is a national resource that is available 24/7).

Drew Opportunity Fund: First Initiative  

Last school year, Drew Charter launched its inaugural annual fund campaign, the Drew Opportunity Fund, in honor of our retiring Head of School Don Doran.  Under Mr. Doran’s leadership Drew students had myriad opportunities to innovate, achieve, travel and compete, all of which help to close the opportunity gap and make Drew an exemplary learning community. 

The 2019-2020 Drew Opportunity Fund was a success! Thanks to the generosity of our school community we were able to raise over $41,000. Over half of the funds were collected since March and were designated to help families weather this challenging time. Now that school is back in session, funds will be used for a variety of evolving needs such as childcare, and mental health services.    Donations are tax-deductible and donors will be listed on the Drew website. Please continue to support the Opportunity Fund–we are making a difference. Make a secure, online donation here.


Week of 10/19- 10/26

Senior Pictures can now be scheduled! Reserve your spot by clicking this link –> Please sign up for a time slot here by Oct 30

Parent Satisfaction Survey – Please take a moment to give Drew feedback.



9:00-9:501st Period
10:00-10:502nd Period
11:00-12:30Break and/or small groups [for selected students]
1:00-1:503rd Period
2:00-2:50 4th Period
3pm – 6pm Nutrition pick up
Parents can secure meals that were ordered ahead of time
The confirmation email from your order will be needed at the time of pickup
– Location: Lower campus [Drew Elementary Campus]



9:00-9:501st period
10:00- 10:502nd Period
11:00 – 12:30Break and/or small groups [for selected students]
12:30-1:00Break/ Lunch
1:00 – 1:503rd period
2:00 – 2:504th period
5:00Financial Aid 1-on-1 [Seniors/Cohort 2021 Event]
– Join Remind for all Cohort 2021 UPDATES
The events above are geared to Seniors/Cohort 2021



TimeWednesday Schedule
11:00 – 12:00Break
12:00 – 12:30Lunch
12:30 – 4:00The following are available to students:
– Office Hours w/Teachers
– Small group (if selected by a Teacher) 
– 1:1 [if the selected by a Teacher]
– Study Skills [Required for select students]


  hours  minutes  seconds


Principal’s Coffee

12pm- Monthly Principal’s Coffee

Zoom Link here



9:00-9:501st period
10:00- 10:502nd Period
11:00 – 12:30Break and/or small groups [for selected students]
12:30-1:00Break/ Lunch
1:00 – 1:503rd period
2:00 – 2:504th period



11:00 – 12:30Break and/or small groups [for selected students]
12:30-1:00Break/ Lunch
1:00 – 1:503rd period
2:00 – 2:504th period

To register click here

The goal of Drew’s STEAM Career Days is to expose PreK-12 students to the many careers related to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) fields. Presenters have the opportunity to share their best career advice and inspire the next generation of engineers, artists, researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators. Although we are excited to have all presenters, we recognize that representation is critical and are seeking to engage diverse presenters that may be underrepresented in their current fields.  We believe that an array of diverse experiences and perspectives is a vital step to inspire all of our students of the possibilities that exists for future generations as we look to cultivate a more equitable world.
10/24| Saturday
  •   N/A
    • Please note access to the school building will NOT be available. Security have been advised to not allow access to outsiders until further notice [inclusive of staff].
10/25| Sunday
  • N/A
    • Please note access to the school building will NOT be available. Security have been advised to not allow access to outsiders until further notice [inclusive of staff].

Upcoming Events:

Week of 10/26- 11/01

  • 10/27- CSS Profile Night
  • 10/28 – Clubs
  • 11/30- 12/04

Future Events

  • 11/09- Senior Pictures for Class of 2021
    • To reserve your spot click here
  • 11/10- Senior Pictures for Class of 2021
    • To reserve your spot click here

Household Resources

See the information below regarding the importance of communities achieving a “complete count” in the 2020 Census!

Wifi and Internet Resources

Please see the Xfinity flyer above and information to internet access at a deep discount with Comcast–> CLICK HERE .



The PTA Needs YOU! 

Are you looking for ways to get involved with Drew? The PTA is looking for Fundraising Chair Person(s) and Communications Director to join our team! 

Fundraising Chair Person(s)

The PTA supports things such as Teacher Grants, Teacher Appreciation, Parent-Teacher Coffees, the Drew Opportunity Fund, and other programs to support our teachers and families. In order to support those initiatives, we need to raise money! The Fundraising Chair will be responsible for helping to organize Dine Out Nights, Box Tops, Mabel’s Labels, and Amazon Smile promotions; Drew Car Magnet and Spirit Gear sales and the Silent Auction along with bringing in other potential fundraising ideas. *The time commitment for this role depends on fundraising initiatives taking place, there will times when there is very little work, however, the auction and other initiatives will require several hours a week. 

Other Concerns

Uniform Concerns!

Portal for Paying for Nutrition/Lunch Fees


Portal for Paying for Drew Events, Dues, Field Trips, etc..

Update for Students:

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