Week of September 24th, 2018

Purpose – Drew Charter School serves as a key component of the cradle-to-college pipeline within the holistic East Lake neighborhood revitalization. Appreciating our unique status as a mixed-income school, Drew Charter School’s primary purpose is to provide an excellent education to all children living in the Villages of East Lake so that each student reaches his or her full potential and is launched on a pathway to health, impact and prosperity.

Vision – Drew Charter School students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and passion to create positive change in the world.

Mission – Drew Charter School is an exemplary, innovative education community that empowers all students to achieve their full potential.

Shout-outs to:

  • Ms. Klein, our Ninth Grade Literature teacher, who returns to us from maternity leave today!
  • Ms. Miles, for all of her hard work teaching Ms. Klein’s classes while she was out!  Thank you!
  • The whole student body their spirit during the pep rally!
  • The seniors on our Volleyball team for four awesome years of hard work [pictured above]!
  • The seniors for recognizing how much the Junior Academy contributes to overall school spirit!
  • Senior Asher McGee for serving as student correspondent and getting an opportunity to interview Tiger Woods!
  • Senior Solomon Dobbs is hitting the Shot for Hope to start the Tour Championship!
  • All of the teachers and CCR staff who chaperoned the 9th grade college trips!
  • Ms. McKenzie for all of her efforts and innovative ideas for the gifted program!
  • The 10th grade, Ms. Cain, Ms. Mayes, Ms. Buford-Duffie and Mr. Robinson for an awesome Our World, Literally PBL showcase, for which students developed their own civilizations!
  • Ms. White for working with the 8th Grade ELA teacher to give feedback to her students’ Tiny House prototypes!
  • CCR Team– for a full week this week and last week, 1st HBCU night, Case Studies, Junior Night, and College Trips and College fair! This team is really flexible, they are willing to jump in and help out!
  • Mr. Prince for inviting Dr. Tina Davis to speak to and assist students with the PBL “The Voices of East Lake.”  The students enjoyed immensely!
  • Coach Tracy for being recognized by the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) as a Certified Athletic Administrator!
  • Mr. Evans for working very hard, no matter what task he is asked to help with!
  • Mr. Moore and Dr. Bell for managing the after school process!
  • Mr. Konieczny for receiving a donation of $5,000 from Bayer Feed a Bee for beekeeping club!
  • Mr. Wynn and Mr. Prince for receiving the Teaching Tolerance grant which will support their Spring PBL on Community Forum on Civil Engagement and Teaching Tolerance entitled “The Voices of East Lake” and Caitlyn and Lindsey for their support throughout the process!
  • Ms. Mayes for dancing at the pep rally!


Week of: 09/24/18 – 09/30/18

Norm of the Week: Present Professionally

09/24  | A


  • Flex Time –
    • Clubs: Peer Leadership Group A, Beekeeping, Student Government Association, Football, Young Black Excellence, Debate Team, Yearbook
    • Study Hall (Cafeteria and 4th Floor Learning Commons – all grades)
    • Practice Gym (11th grade)
  • 5:30 – Softball @ McNair
09/25 | B


  • Flex Time –
    • Extended-Learning: Math, Social Studies, Spanish
    • Study Hall (Cafeteria and 4th Floor Learning Commons – all grades)
    • Main Gym (all grades)
  • 6:30 – Varsity Volleyball Area Tournament vs. S. Atlanta [Elite Scholars]
09/26 | A


  • Flex Time –
    • Extended-Learning: Pathways (if available), 10th and 12th Grades (all subjects)
    • Study Hall (Cafeteria and 4th Floor Learning Commons – all grades)
    • Practice Gym (9th grade)
  • 5:00 – Cross Country APS Championship Meet (last one!) at Grant Park
  • 5:30 – Softball @ Our Lady of Mercy
09/27 | B


  • Flex Time –
    • Extended-Learning: ELA, Science, Pathways (if available)
    • Study Hall (Cafeteria and 4th Floor Learning Commons – all grades)
    • Practice Gym (10th grade)
09/28 | A


  • GSU World Languages Day Field Trip
  • Flex Time, 1:30-2:20 – Advisory
09/29 | Saturday

  • 10:00-4:00 – 10th Grade Empowerment Conferences [Theater]
  • 12:00-4:00 – PTA Fall Festival
Week of 10/01-10/07

  • 10/01 – Clubs: Peer Leadership Group B, Beta Club, Math Mentors, Academic Decathlon, Debate Team, National Art Honor Society
  • 10/02 – National Custodial Worker Day
  •  10/03- Flex Time:
    • Extended-Learning: Pathways (if available), 9th, 11th and 12th Grades (all subjects)
    • 12th Grade Community Forum
  • 10/04
  • 10/05 – World Teacher Day
Other Upcoming Events

  • 10/8-10/9 – Professional Learning and Planning Days
  • 10/10-10/12 – Fall Break
  • 10/15-10/19 – Columbian Exchange
  • 10/22-10/31 – Fall Benchmarks
  • 10/26 – STEAM Career Day
  • 10/24 – One Act Play Regional Competition
  • 10/24-10/30 – Benchmarks
  • 11/2 – Half-Day for Parent Conferences
  • 11/12-11/17 – Homecoming Week


  • SA PTA Parent Gatherings – On September 13th at 8:15 am we hosted our first PTA Senior Academy Parent Gathering (similar to EA and JA Principal’s Coffees) in the Eva Davis Board Room.  These gatherings typically occur every third Thursday of the month, alternating between 8:15 am and 5:00 pm.  The topic was “Choosing a college major; strategies parents can employ to help their kids with this decision” with Michelle Turpeau.  If you were unable to attend see the link here for a recording of this presentation.  Our next PTA Parent Gathering will be held on Thursday, October 18th at 5:00 pm.  Do you have a suggestion for a future Parent Gathering topic?  Please email our PTA Vice President, Wanda Ray.
  • Parent Volunteer Opportunity- Would you like to help with Homecoming Season for the Senior Academy? Assistance is needed from parent volunteers to help with homecoming coronation and the dance! Contact Joshay Simmons to express interest!
  • Global Opportunity: Host A Colombian Student during the week of October 14-21st – During the past 5 years, Drew Charter School has established an intercultural exchange with students from private schools in Colombia. Students visit us to experience Drew life, share their culture and language with families. This year we have a group of 15 students and 2 teachers coming from Bogota. We are looking for Drew families that can host one student or teacher.   About the exchange:
    • Students will arrive on Sunday, October 14th at 3:30 pm and depart on October 21st at 3 pm.
    • Students will be at Drew during the day and will come home with your children after school.
    • They need their own bed but they can share a room with a same-sex “sibling.”
    • If you decide to host a student or teacher please inform Mrs. Heather Anderson (Drew Parent coordinator for this activity) at heatherkanderson@hotmail.com and copy Claudia Fitzwater, (Spanish teacher) at claudia.fitzwater@drewcharterschool.org
  • Reminder: PSAT – The PSAT is coming soon for all 9th, 10th and 11th grade students.  Students can begin preparing for exam by using the following websites:
  • Reminder: PTA –  Don’t miss out on adding to your students’ experience at DREW! Click here to join the PTA.
  • Reminder: Jeans Passes – This year Jeans Passes will be distributed to students based on school norms starting this month. The norm of the week: Present Professionally
  • Reminder: Federal Eligibility Applications –
    • PARENTS/GUARDIANS have been emailed with the information to complete the application for lunch [FEA]. This is a yearly request. The data collected directly contributes to the federal funding the school receives.
    • NOTE: The deadline has passed students are now being charged the full price of any meal they receive at Drew.
  • Reminder: Yearbook – You can now purchase a Drew yearbook, 160 color pages, hardback, $35 online until March 29, 2019 at this link: https://bit.ly/2vU6jex  Any questions? Contact: Emily Isbell.
  • Please support the 10th grade Honors World Literature Students’ empowerment conference: EmpowHER/HIMpower. Saturday, September 29th from 10 am – 4 pm. This event is free to attend. Some students and outside vendors have set up tables concluding the conference should you be interested.
    • Should you be interested in being a vendor for the next conference be sure to reach out to Almena Mayes.
  • National Life Coach Sima Clark Torran & Dr. Marilyn Porter are just a couple of the keynote speakers for this event!

Charles R.Drew charter School Empowerment Conference September 29th

  • Drew Charter School Annual Fall Festival– Vendors, games, prizes, concessions, and music by DJ B Samples!
    • $5 for kids, adults free, Sept 29th 12-4pm
    • SAVE THE DATE! Look out for information on securing a vendor booth and for tickets to go on sale online soon!

Fall Festival

Reflections -PTA

0925- Title I Parent Meeting Flyer



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