First Day of School 07/25!

The school year starts 07/25/18 and we look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

REMINDER: Students should be in proper uniform attire.

  • Please see the image below for the FULL details of the Senior Academy Dress Code.
    • White BUTTON-DOWN, Khakis/Skirt, and Tie

Freshman remember to bring in your Blazers!

If you haven’t completed your Federal Eligibility Application [F.E.A] please do so now; by clicking here. Students will be charged the full price of meals once the grace period ends. The sooner your application is in the better!

All Drew students must complete the Federal Eligibility Application (F.E.A) each year. This application needs to be completed whether or not your student qualifies for free or reduced lunch; or if they bring their own lunch.

You do have the ability to opt out, to fulfill the schools request of completing this form-you may choose this option.

Unfortunately, there is no cap or limit on the applied charges you student accrues unless you request for this through “my school bucks” [a platform from APS Nutrition]. Please note this balance will be due by the end of the year.

By following this link, you will be able to complete the application which will count for the entire household, if all children residing in the house are listed on the application.

The senior academy is listed as 0515 – Drew Charter MH.

The deadline for this application is approaching. Please complete this application as soon as you can.

Federal Eligibility Application [F.E.A] here!


1819= Uniform Policy - Senior Academy_rev063018

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