Drew Changes 2020 – 2021 Calendar & School Start Date

Dear Drew Families:

We hope that you are safe and well.  As we continue planning our reopening for the upcoming school year, we wanted to notify you of changes to Drew’s school calendar.  Yesterday, Drew’s Board of Directors approved a revised 2020-2021 school calendar, including pushing back the first day of school. The first day of school for students has been changed to August 3, 2020.  (The original start date was July 27, 2020.) The amended calendar also includes updates to school breaks and holidays. 

Please click here to view the amended 2020-2021 student calendar, and note that the amended calendar dates will be reflected on Drew’s website soon.

Drew Charter School is continuing to evaluate the following three possible 2020-2021 reopening models, which were previously communicated to families:

·       Face-to-Face Model

·       Hybrid Model (combination of Face-to-Face and Virtual)

·       Virtual/e-Learning Model

While the school has not reached a decision regarding which of the three reopening models it will implement, delaying the first day of school provides administrators and staff with essential time to adequately plan for restarting under any of the proposed scenarios, particularly in terms of safety and wellness, operations, instruction, facilities and other critical reopening components.  We continue to carefully evaluate the latest federal, state and local reopening guidance and are considering extenuating factors in making our decision. 

As our decision has the potential to tremendously impact our families and staff, we hope to provide as much advance notice as possible of the specific reopening model Drew will implement.  Please stay tuned for additional updates.  

We look forward to embarking on a new year of learning with your student on August 3, 2020!  

For the Love of Drew,

Peter McKnight

Head of School